Special Events
Our wedding was July 4th at the house. We hope everybody had a great time even with the little rain we had.

Welcome to our little piece of paradise.

Summer finally showed up after the wedding. It's in the eighties and we have food coming steadily from our garden. We have lots of green tomatoes that have set and lots of radishes. The bunnies and deer have found the garden, but Rachet's new job is to rush the garden every morning and send them flying. The cat found the rabbit's home so there shouldn't be a population problem this year. All the flowers are blooming; tea roses and glads. Even my lily that hasn't bloomed in ten years popped out an orange one-I thought it was supposed to be purple. It's not so mossy here now, but we are enjoying the deck more. We are thinking about thinning the deer population this year. I'll do it myself if they get into my beans again.

Jim and Kelly
Mossy Gulch
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  It was a lot of fun seeing everybody on the 4th. The food turned out great (we're still eating some leftovers). We finally had a chance to kick back and relax, went hiking & camped on the edge of Coleman glacier on Mt. Baker. It cracked & rumbled all night and the wind coming off the south side was howling but we found a calm spot to set up the tent. We also took the kayak's out to Chuckanut Bay, now it's back to work. We will put up some pictures on the last page of our site.